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Suntory Hall Online Shop Terms of Service
The Suntory Hall Online Shop Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms") are the "Suntory Hall Online Shop" (hereinafter referred to as the "Shop") operated by Suntory Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Company"). The conditions and matters to be observed when using the sales service (hereinafter referred to as "this service") such as goods provided by Suntory are with the customer who uses this service (hereinafter referred to as "customer") and our company. It is determined between. Please read these terms carefully before using this service. 

Article 1 (Contents of this service)
1. This service is a service that allows you to purchase goods, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "products") listed in this shop.
2. The contents of this service and other matters related to this service shall be as stipulated in this agreement and the display based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law of this service (hereinafter referred to as "Special Commercial Code Display").
Article 2 (Application of Terms)
This agreement shall apply to all relationships related to the use of this service between the customer and our company.

Article 3 (Contract establishment, order cancellation, etc.)
1. When the customer selects the purchase of the product on this shop, agrees to this agreement, confirms the order details, and confirms the order, the application is made, and then the order is placed from us. When the message of completion reaches the customer, a sales contract (hereinafter referred to as "sales contract") shall be concluded between the customer and the Company regarding the product.
2. Even if there is an application from a customer, we may not accept the application if we judge that the provision of this service is inappropriate.
3. Only those who live in Japan can apply for this service. However, even within Japan, there are areas where this service cannot be used due to shipping or other reasons.
4. The customer cannot cancel the order of the product after the sales contract is concluded, even before the scheduled delivery date.

Article 4 (payment)
1. The customer shall pay the prescribed price to the Company as the consideration for the product. For payment method and payment time, please refer to the special commercial law display.
2. The Company shall be able to revise the usage fee at any time at the reasonable judgment of the Company. In this case, we will notify the customer who is using the service in advance.

Article 5 (Delivery, etc.)
1. The Company shall deliver the product to the place specified by the customer when purchasing the product, and the delivery of the product shall be completed with the delivery. The delivery location is limited to Japan. However, even within Japan, there are some areas that cannot be delivered due to shipping conditions. In addition, the delivery date cannot be specified by the customer.
2. The risk of loss and ownership of the product shall be transferred from the Company to the customer when the delivery of the product based on the preceding article is completed.
3. If the delivery is not completed due to reasons attributable to the Company, such as unknown address, long-term absence, etc., even though the Company has shipped the product to the location specified by the customer based on the preceding paragraph. We will immediately cancel the sales contract for the product without any notice or notification.

Article 6 (Defects in products, returns / exchanges, etc.)
1. We do not accept returns or exchanges of products due to customer's convenience. If you do not receive the item due to customer's circumstances, you will be required to pay a return fee (1,000 yen (1,100 yen including tax) per delivery unit) in addition to the item fee related to the delivery. In addition, we shall be able to suspend delivery without notice or notification.
2. If the product has defects, defects, damage, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "defects, etc.", and the product with defects, etc. is referred to as "defective product"), the customer will start from the day following the day when the defective product is received. Please contact us within a day using the method specified by us and return it. We will bear the return cost.
3. If you return a defective product based on the previous paragraph, we will check the condition of the defective product and replace it with a non-defective product or a substitute product at our expense and ship it.
4. Notwithstanding the provisions of each paragraph of the preceding article, if a defective product cannot be exchanged for a non-defective product or a substitute product due to reasons such as limited quantity or limited time, the amount equivalent to the price of the product will be refunded. We will correspond. Even if you have purchased multiple items, if you return only a part of them, only the price of the returned item will be refunded.
5. There are some precautions when using the products purchased with this service. Customers should observe them when using the products. If you do not follow the precautions when using the product, we will not be liable for any damages caused to you or a third party due to the use of the product.

Article 7 (Cancellation of sales contract, etc.)
1. If any of the following reasons apply, the Company shall be able to cancel the sales contract without giving any notice or notification.
(1) When the customer makes a false declaration regarding matters related to the customer's identification, credit status judgment, etc., such as the customer's name and address (including the case of violating the guarantee of Article 13).
(2) When the customer delays payment of the usage fee of the subscription service for one month or more
③ When the customer violates the compliance items stipulated in Article 10.
④ When the customer's credit status deteriorates
⑤ When the customer damages the honor of the Suntory Group (consolidated companies and equity-method affiliates in the Company, and the Suntory Foundation for Arts, the same shall apply hereinafter) and injures other rights.
⑥ When the customer significantly destroys the relationship of trust with the Company, such as violating the sales contract or this agreement.
⑦ When the Company determines that the provision of this service to the customer is inappropriate due to circumstances similar to each item in this section.
⑧ When the delivery address specified by the customer is in an area where this service cannot be used.
⑨ In addition, when conforming to the previous items

2. Based on the provisions of the preceding paragraph, if the sales contract with the customer is terminated, the customer shall lose the profit of the term for all the debts based on the sales contract and immediately pay the full amount of the debts to the Company. In that case, we will not refund the product price already paid by the customer when the sales contract with the customer ends.
Article 8 (Handling of personal information)
1. Our company (including joint use destinations) regarding all personal information and personal related information of customers in this service.Suntory Group Privacy PolicyWe will handle it according to the regulations of.

2. Customers are requested to fully check the contents of the ID user information handling rules (the purpose of use of personal information, shared use, provision to third parties, etc.) and agree to the contents before using this service. ..

Article 9 (Compliance items, suspension of use)
When using this service, the customer must comply with the following matters. If the customer violates the following matters, the Company shall be able to suspend the use of the customer without giving any prior notice.
① Do not engage in commercial activities using products
② Handle the product in accordance with the instructions of our company and do not use it for any purpose other than the specified purpose.
③ Do not transfer the customer's status and rights regarding transactions with the Company based on this agreement to a third party, or set pledge or other rights of a third party.
④ Do not violate laws and regulations or public order and morals
⑤ Unjustly refuse to receive this product
⑥ Do not violate this agreement or perform any other acts that the Company deems inappropriate.
⑦ Do not take any other action that interferes with the provision of this service.

Article 10(Change, suspension, termination, etc. of this service)
1. Our company does not guarantee or promise the provision of this service to our customers in the future.
2. To the extent reasonably necessary, we will include all or part of the contents of this service (specifications, rules, designs, audiovisual expressions, parameters and all other matters at any time without notifying the customer in advance. ) Can be changed.
3. The Company shall be able to voluntarily suspend, suspend or terminate this service by notifying the customer in advance regardless of the reason. If the provision of this service is suspended or interrupted, during that period, the customer shall suspend all positions regarding the use of this service according to the scope of suspension or suspension.
4. The Company shall be able to terminate the service, etc. without notifying the customer in any of the following cases.
① When performing inspection or maintenance work on the computer system or network related to this service
② When an accident occurs in the computer system or network, etc.
④ When force majeure such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, wind and flood damage, power outage, natural disaster occurs
④ In addition, when the Company determines that it is necessary to change or suspend or suspend the provision of this service.
Article 11 (Disclaimer)
1. The Suntory Group shall not be liable for any damages caused to the customer or a third party as a result of the customer performing an act contrary to the matters stipulated in this agreement.
2. In addition to the preceding paragraph, if the Company cannot provide this service due to any of the following circumstances, or if the provision of this service is delayed, the Company shall be exempted from all liability.
(1) When due to force majeure that cannot be attributed to our company (including but not limited to natural disasters, transportation / communication line accidents, traffic congestion, rolling blackouts, etc.)
② When there is enactment, revision or abolition of laws and regulations, or administrative guidance
③ When other serious reasons that make it difficult to operate this service occur
3. If it is unlikely that the circumstances set forth in the preceding paragraph will be resolved, the Company may suspend the provision of this service and cancel the sales contract.
Article 12 (Guarantee of not being an antisocial force)
When applying for this service, the customer warrants that the customer is not a designated gangster, a member of a designated gangster affiliated organization, or a related person, and does not belong to any other antisocial forces.
Article 13 (Intellectual property rights, etc.)
1. All copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights and all other rights related to the content (text, images, photographs, videos, etc.) provided through this service are licensed to the Company or the Company. It shall belong to. These contents are protected by the copyright laws of each country, various treaties, and other laws, and are used without our prior permission (reproduction, public transmission, reproduction) beyond the scope permitted by law such as private use. (Including these acts related to the distribution, adaptation and adaptation of).
2. Trademarks (including service marks) used in content provided through this service belong to the Company or the right holder who has authorized the use of the Company. These cannot be used without our prior permission.
Article 14 (Prohibition of transfer of rights)
1. The customer shall not assign all or part of the status under this agreement or the sales contract and the rights or obligations based on these to a third party without the prior written consent of the Company.
2. The Company may transfer all or part of this service and its position as a provider to a third party at the discretion of the Company without obtaining the prior consent of the customer, in which case the scope of transfer All relationships with the customer regarding this service including the customer's account and the sales contract (including, but not limited to, possession of customer information) shall be transferred to the transferee.
Article 15 (Change of Terms)
1. The Company does not guarantee or promise to the customer the provision of this service based on this agreement in the future, and there is a reasonable need when it is necessary for the proper operation of this service. You may change this agreement at any time if we determine that.
2. If this agreement is changed, the changed provisions of this agreement will be applied to this service provided after the change and transactions based on this service.
3. When we change this agreement, we will notify you of the change of this agreement, the content of the change and its effective time on the top page of this shop and the information column or other appropriate method. I will let you know. However, this does not apply if we determine that there is an urgent need.
Article 16 (contact method)
We will notify you by any method we deem appropriate, such as sending an email to your registered email address. Whether or not you have viewed it, you will be deemed to have been notified when you can view these notices.
For inquiries from customers regarding this service to our company, please contact the following inquiries.
Suntory Foundation for Arts Suntory Hall
[Telephone number] 03-3503-1002
(Governing law / jurisdiction)
This agreement shall be construed based on Japanese law, and the customer agrees that the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive jurisdiction court of the first instance for all disputes concerning this agreement, this service or the sales contract.
(Established on April 14, 2021)